Mordor Basic Gameplay-StrategyEdit

When playing as Mordor there are several key strategical points that are advantageous to follow. Some of these can be found below.

Mordor starts off with one of the most advantageous strategical positions at the start of the game, this being the Mount Doom regions, which are protected by a circular mountain range with only three passes, each of these guarded by a settlement each. At all costs, this position MUST be maintained if one hopes for any success on a Very Hard difficulty. No garrisons need to be kept in the settlements protected by the Mount Doom protective region as there are no threats inside, instead all units should move to one of the three settlements surrounding the Mount Doom region.

Mordor starts off with some settlements outside the Mount Doom protective region. There isn't much point in protecting these, as they will inevitably be lost. East Osigliath will undoubtedly be taken, so the best thing to do is to raze the entire city and move all forces out of the settlement. A controlled retreat is the best strategy, letting your forces be pushed back to the black gate, using guerilla warefare to weaken the invaders, by attacking their exposed units before quickly withdrawing, instead of aiming to completely destroy the enemy's force. Two things may now occur. One, the invaders besiege the Black Gate. This is the best possible scenario, as you should already have a good garrison there, and with your harrassment force that was weakening the invader's forces you will be able to attack the enemy with these combined forces. The other scenario is where the invaders don't attack the Black Gate. Here, you should ride out from the Black Gate on the invaders alongside with the harrassment force, essentially destroying the enemy force with a hammer-anvil technique.

Dol Guldur is a forest settlement further north fromt the Mount Doom region. This region should be kept under your control, even if you don't control the city, as the Great Spiders that can be hired in the region are invaluable in early game play. With even a small spider force enemy light infantry can be instantly devastated with minimum casualties even with a frontal assault.

If these key strategy points are followed it should set up most players for a successful start to any Mordor campaign.